Dear National Federations,



You are kindly invited to the European Nations and Clubs Dragon boat Championships at Olympic Canoe and Rowing Regatta Course in Szeged, between 6-9 July 2017.


In this Bulletin we wish to summarize the most vital and useful bits of information not just on the competition, board, lodging and the services included in the participation fee, but also on the city of Szeged.


We sincerely hope you will accept our invitation and we will spend memorable days together in the City of Sunshine in Hungary deservedly famous for its hospitality.

You can always reach the same information and then more and more as time progresses on the official website of the competition:




Organising Committee


Competition Programme


3th  July (Monday)

- access period begins

- accreditation

4th  July (Tuesday)

- official training / starting machine test

- accreditation

5th  July (Wednesday)

- official training / starting machine test

- Team Leaders' meeting

- accreditation

6th July (Thursday)

-  competition day

7th  July (Friday)

- competition day

8th  July (Saturday)

- competition day

9th  July (Sunday)

- competition day

* Categories with less than 5 entries will not be raced


First three place winners of each categories will be awarded with medals.

Cup of Nations

Each country will receive points according to the results in the Final A races as follows:


PLACE:       1st     2nd     3rd     4th     5th     6th     7th     8th     9th

POINTS:     10      9        8       7       6       5        4       3       2

Entries and Booking

Payment Schedule

The payment fees are to be paid in the following instalments:

 • 60%  by 24th April 2017

 • 40% upon arrival


Payment Schedule

Bank: Granit Bank Zrt.

Bank address: 8 Lechner Odon fasor, Budapest, Hungary, 1095

Account No:   12100011-10208890-00000000


IBAN:   HU65 1210 0011 1020 8890 0000 0000

Beneficiary: Magyar Kajak-Kenu Szövetség

                     1138 Budapest Latorca u. 2, Hungary

Transaction Message: Please indicate your federation/club as well  as the competition's name.

  e.g.: British Canoe Union/Liverpool    Dragon boat Club - European Dragon boat Championships


Please keep in mind!

Please do not forget about the transaction fees. It is your responsibility to pay all the charges when transferring money to our account.


Accepted methods of payment on the spot

Besides cash (only Euro is accepted) Visa and MasterCard credit cards are accepted. We do not accept American Express credit card and Travellers Cheque.


Cancellation terms

Should you cancel your booking, a charge will be made equivalent to any loss suffered by the Organizing Committee, as itemized below. The amount of any cancellation fee will be calculated as a percentage of the total payable participation fee according to the following period of notice given:

No charge if cancelled until 24th April 2017

50% if cancelled in the period between 25th April - 12th June 2017

100% if cancelled after 12th June 2017




Transfer between Budapest Airport and Szeged is offered for parties larger than 3 persons arriving together at the same time for 25 €/person/one way. Individuals and teams of 3 or less requiring transfer should contact the Organizing Committee for a special rate.

The city-centre of Szeged is about 7 kilometres away from the course. Transportation from the downtown to the course and back is to be solved by competitors without any transportation means, but buses running on a timetable will be organized from the city-centre of Szeged to the course and back if there is sufficient demand for it.

Please don’t forget to indicate your request  upon by filling in the transportation form, if you plan to use this service.







All official participants of the European Nations and Clubs Dragon boat Championships are strongly advised to take out a medical insurance policy in their respective countries.


Medical Care

The following medical services are available for all official participants of the European Nations and Clubs Dragon

boat Championships: doctor on duty, hospital and clinic assistance. A medical centre will operate at the regatta course with ambulance and first aid. The costs above the regular first aid and ambulance are to be covered

by your medical insurance policy, the Organizing Committee is not liable to cover your expenses in

connection with the hospital, dental or any other medical treatment.




As there are different categories of accommodation the accommodation fees vary as follows:

Category 1  (**** star hotels with A/C)

single room    135 €/person/day

double room    115 €/person/day



Category 2 (*** star hotels with A/C)

single room    120 €/person/day

double room    105 €/person/day


Category 3 (** hotels, motels, guest houses and inns)

single room    90 €/person/day

double room    80 €/person/day

3 or 4-bedded room   70 €/person/day


Category 4 (dormitory)

single room   65 €/person/day

double room    55 €/person/day

3-bedded room   45 €/person/day

The accommodation fee includes the following services:


• accommodation

• three meals per day during the access period (breakfast

   and dinner in the hotel, lunch at the course)

• shuttle service

• accreditation


Please keep in mind!

Due to the limited availability of hotel rooms in the various categories the reservations will be accepted on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis which means your team will be redirected to a category different from the initially requested if there are not enough rooms available in the required category.

Check-in time is 14:00. The rooms have to be vacated until 10:00 on the day of departure.

The Organizing Committee does not take responsibility for any extra service of the hotel, such as mini-bar, telephone, parking, etc., these costs are to be paid directly to the hotel. In case your team causes any damage to the rooms be ready to pay for it on the spot or otherwise our federation will invoice you the cost of the damage afterwards.


Camping at the regatta course

Should you be arriving by car we suggest you camp at the regatta course. You can request a place in the camping through the Organizing Committee.

Camping available: 4 July 9:00 - 10 July 11:00

Camping fee covers the entire period when the camp is open, regardless of the number of nights booked.



 • 70 €/person

 • 45 €/car

 • 90 €/motor-home or caravan

The camping has a dedicated car parking area.

Services at the camping:

 • Electricity (220 V)

 • Mobile shower

 • Mobile toilets

Meals are not included in the camping prices!

You can order lunch and dinner through the Organizing

Committee. You can find the prices below.



Meals are included ONLY in the category 1-4 hotel price booked via the Organizing Committee.  All accredited people can order lunch and dinner via email till 19th June. Please send your meal request to the


  • lunch 10 €/meal

  • dinner 10 €/meal


Please bear in mind, that you are not able to order meals if you are not an accredited person! (as catering will be placed in the athletes area)

If you need help with the booking from the

Organizing Committee, please feel free to contact

Tamás VARGA (Head of Hospitality) directly at:



preliminary and numerical entry

hotel and camping reservation

final travel info and transportation

nominal entry/accreditation- online


Please keep in mind!

The online entry system will automatically close on

19th June 2017 at 23:59 hours (CET)!

For any help with the online system of the

Organizing Committee you can always contact the administrator directly at:

1th April

24th April

12th June

19th June

Countries can enter one boat per event.


Clubs can enter boats with no limitation.


Kindly send the preliminary entry form to the

Download form here/ NATIONS / CLUB


All further official forms of the event are available online so you can submit the entries

exclusively online. You are kindly requested to fill out the online forms by the deadlines

indicated below. You can reach them on

Prior to logging in for the first time please send an email to . In the response you receive the relevant username and password. It is essential to obtain it - even if you had earlier used our system for other races - as this will activate your access to this specific event. The system will automatically display the next deadline you need to observe. Nevertheless the Organizing Committee will surely contact you before the upcoming deadlines so

you can keep them as set.







You must apply for an accreditation card if you would like to enter the event as an official participant such as a competitor, coach, team leader, assistant, etc.

You can apply accreditation for nation and club events separately. Each  accreditation corresponds to a pass which allows participation in the races. Who is in possession of a "club pass" only, is not able to participate in the nations races and vice versa. To be able to participate in both races (club and nation) you must have both types of passes.

You are not going to be charged for your first accreditation (club or nation), in case of booking accommodation (at least for 4 (four) nights)  through the Organizing Committee, it is included in the price of the board and lodging fees. You have to pay for a second accreditation if you are going to participate in both (club and nation) events.

Please bear in mind! If you book accommodation at the camping, kindly be aware of the fact that all accreditation must be paid separately.


Accreditation fee:

Advance payment: 50 EUR/person

On the spot: 80 EUR/person

The accreditation fee includes:

• access and common use of the venue

• use of boats for training and for the races

• free drinking water on the competition days

• security services

• medical care at the course

• fully comprehensive insurance of the event

• access pass




All participants are kindly requested to contact the Hungarian Embassy or Consulate in their respective country (or the nearest to you) well in advance regarding the visa requirements. The difficulty of obtaining visa to Hungary varies by regions but you should calculate with a 45-day long issuing period to ensure the safe attainment of the visa.

The typical steps of obtaining visa are as follows:

1) Booking accommodation via the Organising Committee

2) Sending the following to Tamás Varga to the e-mail:

  • Passport copy (please note, your passport must be valid minimum 6 months from the
    last day of your stay)
  • Delegation Status (athlete, coach, team leader)
  • Name and address of the Hungarian Consulate/ Embassy where you will apply for Visa

3) Contacting the Hungarian Embassy/ Consulate serving in your country/territory and do

    the paperwork they request of you

4) Organising Committee requests the booked hotel for verification of stay

5) Organising Committee sends the letter of invitation along with the verification of stay to

    the Hungarian Embassy/ Consulate and the National Federation

6) Visa issuance


Olympic Centre, Maty-ér

The canoe and rowing course was built between 1979 and 1981. The Olympic Centre is primarily used by canoeing, rowing, triathlon, fishing and leisure time sports. The complete area of the facility extends on almost 76 ha. In addition to the national and international competitions, the facility offers services for training camps as well. The National Canoe and Rowing Olympic Centre is one of Europe’s outstanding water-sport bases, also a significant tourist base in Hungary, thanks to its features and to the lively cultural life offered by the City of Szeged.

Main details of the course:

The 2400 m long, 122 m wide regatta course is located two kilometres south of Szeged. Being an artificial course, hydro-dynamism is not an issue here as it is also quite well sheltered from strong winds. It is equipped with Albano system and has nine lanes along with a separate warm-up lane. There will be an electric timing system with photo finish and video recording. Automatic start system will be used for the start. The facility fully meets the ICF requirements.


Main events in chronological order:

1989  Junior Rowing World Championships

1991  Fresh-Water Fishing World Championships

1998  Senior Canoe Sprint World Championships

2002  Senior Canoe Sprint European Championships

2005  Junior Canoe Sprint World Championships

2005  Masters Canoe Sprint European Championships

2006  Senior Canoe Sprint World Championships

2008  Junior and U23 Canoe Sprint European Championships

2010  Dragon-boat World Championships

2011  Senior Canoe Sprint World Championships

2012 Olympic Hopes Regatta

2014  Junior and U23 Sprint World Championships

2016 Olympic Hopes Regatta


How to get there?

Szeged is 167 km away south of Hungary's capital city, Budapest. Szeged is best accessible on M5 highway. You can get to the race course on the road to Baja (main road No. 55) and from the road to Röszke/Serbia (E75). Szeged can also be reached by Intercity train service.


Address:   H-6725 Szeged, Alsóvárosi feketeföldek 158.

GPS coordinates: 46°13’27” N 20°04’15” E



The “City of Sunshine"


Szeged is the biggest city of the southern part of the Great Plain, and serves as the seat of Csongrád County since 1962. It is also the administrative, cultural and business centre of the region. It is situated on both banks of the Tisza River. The biggest part of the city is on the right bank of the river, while the residential-type part, New-Szeged is located on the left bank, between the rivers Tisza and Maros. The microclimate of Szeged is varied and very specific to the region greatly affected by the Tisza. The ancient fauna of the once flooded areas have been relocated to the protected area of Pusztaszer National Memorial Park by now. The Park also showcases the regional culture and includes the Fehér Lake. Szeged is known for the high amount of sunshine it receives and the fairly low precipitation. Within the continental climate it shows extremes in climate and temperature. Annual average temperature is 11,2 °C.


The number of the hours with sunshine totals more than 2100 annually. As Szeged gets the most sunshine among the largest cities of Hungary, it is often called ‘the City of Sunshine’.


Sights, monuments:

Széchenyi Square, Town Hall, Klauzál Square, New Synagogue, Reök Palace, Dugonics Square , Martyrs of Arad Square, the Cathedral of Szeged, Musical Clock, Serbian Church, Black House, Tisza, Stefánia, National Theatre of Szeged, Gróf Palace, Lower-City Church


For more information please visit: